Design statement


For me, art is a way to escape the at times, cold and capitalistic world and just indulge in the meaningful for a moment. I want to take that feeling and use it, by creating both everyday and statement pieces with an editorial 
feeling and raw edge. 

My jewelry should be seen as small sculptures – small projections that remind us of the clash between nature and the industrial world and the duality it creates within us. These contrasts and combinations of sharp and soft structures and expressions are all around us and are a big source of inspiration for my designs. 

As designers, we have a duty to be aware of the world around us and now, more than ever, we must acknowledge our nature’s need for help, and our
society’s need for change. I want to help change that, by designing for all
people, not genders, and by designing for the future, creating aesthetically sustainable jewelry, from as green materials as possible.