Alice in wonderland

- A mini collection with focus on stone setting

For this project, we were tasked with creating a mini collection inspired by a character from Alice in Wonderland. Additionally, we were required to showcase three different types of stone settings.






School project

Project by

Sofie Josefine Nørreriis

The collection

For my project, I drew inspiration from the Mad Hatter character as I wanted to create something untraditional. Instead of using gemstones, I decided to set old toys into the jewelry as a nod to the whimsical nature of the character. I believe the Mad Hatter would appreciate the playful nature of the toys. To showcase my skills in stone setting, I used three techniques: flush setting, bezel setting, and prong setting. My goal was to combine my creativity with technical expertise to produce a collection that captures the essence of the Mad Hatter while also demonstrating my versatility as a jewelry designer.