- 2. semester exam

For my second exam at KEA, I was tasked with the challenge of selecting a piece exhibited at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and crafting a piece of jewelry that would be a tribute to the chosen artwork and could be sold in the museum shop. After much consideration, I was inspired by the sculpture “Spider Couple” by Louise Bourgeois. This sculpture caught my attention with its intricate design, rich symbolism, and emotional depth.

After the exam Matriark was used for Niko Corlin’s press material for her debut album.
Picture is taken by Phie Beckett Stenbæk.






2. semester exam - "for sale"

Project by

Sofie Josefine Nørreriis


This ring was designed using Rhinoceros, then 3D printed and casted in metal. The images you see below are renderings created in Keyshot from the Rhino files.

The ring

The ring is crafted from 925 sterling silver. The body of the spider is designed with an oxidized silver bead inside, which gives a raw contrast with its black color, resembling an egg which leads back to the meaning of the original sculpture.


In order to convey the deeper meaning and inspiration behind the jewelry piece, I created a leaflet to be displayed alongside the ring in Louisiana’s museum shop. This material aims to share the story and connection to the original artwork, while also emphasizing the importance of recognizing that motherhood can be challenging and not a fairytale for everyone.